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I am a bibliophile who has produced over a dozen books for various clients and have worked in the book industry in publishing as well as in two book stores in Melbourne. I bring my gift with photography and my skills with people and translate that into meaningful and beautiful books.

Whether it is event photography beautifully presented in a singe hardback copy, or intimate and profound stories of people in palliative care printed by the thousand, books can present a unique way to reach an audience.

I love the book format so much as a medium that I also use it to re-present my own art work.

Books filled with luscious images, kind but revealing portraits, and text that tells stories about the people and places in the photographs…everything you want in a purpose-built book!

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Melbourne 2010-11. An exploration using the immediacy of an iPhone and the Hipstamatic app, before phone cameras became ubiquitous and changed how an audience responds.

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Melbourne, 2007-09. An investigation of interaction with strangers and the role of photographer as observer. A mixture of lush landscapes and street photography, this is my portrait of Melbourne.

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