Category: Digital Storytelling

I have interviewed and photographed over two hundred people on a range of personal and meaningful topics, from identity and self-construction to dreaming and dying. I find that a generosity of spirit and a quiet gentleness encourages interviewees to engage openly with the camera, and to reveal their wisdom. Acknowledging that both interviewing and photography are a communication between two people enables me to elicit genuine and insightful stories about people and their lives. I work with photography, text, audio and video.

What is it like to care for a family member at home when they are in palliative care? How has it changed your relationship? How has it changed you? What is your greatest fear? Eleven people share some of the joys and difficulties of caring for someone they love.

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Two people entwined by love and care. One person is receiving palliative care, the other is their partner who cares for them. Both are asked what it is like to be in their shoes, and to imagine what it would be like for the other. Would they change places?

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