The Carers - exhibition in the City Gallery @ Melbourne Library

What is it like to care for a family member at home when they are in palliative care? How does that change your relationship? How does it change how you live your life? How do you cope with grief? Photographed while talking openly about their parents, partners, siblings and children, the participants reveal their experience of this difficult time, and acknowledge how the experience has changed them.

The Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team and the Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc. commissioned two bodies of work, comprising interviews and photographic portraits of people who care for, or cared for, a family member receiving palliative care at home.

The extraordinary work the palliative care teams do is revealed throughout this body of work, and I have the greatest of respect for those who work in the palliative care sector. This work wouldn’t have happened without their search for the participants, who have shown such courage in revealing what it is really like to care for someone you love. Thank you all.

City Gallery @ Melbourne Library
253 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph: 03 9658 9500

8th February to 3rd March 2017

8am-8pm Monday to Thursday
8am-6pm Friday
10am-5pm Saturday
12pm-5pm Sunday

The exhibition will be launched by Suzanna Sheed MP, Member for Shepparton, and sponsored by Fowles Wine and Locheilan Farmhouse Cheeses.

City Gallery @ Melbourne Library website

Shepparton News 20/2/2017

This project was commissioned by the Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc. and the Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team.
Grampians Regional Palliative Care Team
Goulburn Valley Hospice Care Service Inc.


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