Stories from a Caravan - video

Hayley Hillis and Pippa Wischer interviewed 18 people who were living long-term in caravan parks along the east coast of Australia. Raw, honest, confronting and uplifting, this 37 minute DVD shares six of the stories.

Tracey, 31
- It was scary when the creek flooded.

Noeleen, 55 and Steve, 60
- But it turned out a treefrog.

Russell, 31
- Sometimes I can smell my mother.

Tracy Louise, 41
- Too alone to fucking die.

Ted, 79
- They called us drunks them days.

Adam, 32 and Maree
- A lot of people didn’t want us to be together.

This DVD is available to hire at some regional libraries, and to purchase from Pippa Wischer or Hayley Hillis.



Categories: Documentaries, Digital Storytelling

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