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I am a bibliophile who has produced over a dozen books for various clients and have worked in the book industry in publishing as well as in two book stores in Melbourne. I bring my gift with photography and my skills with people and translate that into meaningful and beautiful books.

Whether it is event photography beautifully presented in a singe hardback copy, or intimate and profound stories of people in palliative care printed by the thousand, books can present a unique way to reach an audience.

I love the book format so much as a medium that I also use it to re-present my own art work.

Noir cover 2016

High contrast black and white is all about light, shade, shape and pattern. But Melbourne’s streets are full of movement and colour, so I integrated both into this series called Noir.

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Eight volunteers and their clients in palliative care discuss how the volunteers and volunteering has changed their lives. Commissioned by Palliative Care Victoria in 2015.

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“I love this book for its demonstrations of patience, courage and love. For those of us who have still to face the final passage, it is both transforming and reassuring.”
Emeritus Professor Ian Maddocks AM

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Books filled with luscious images, kind but revealing portraits, and text that tells stories about the people and places in the photographs…everything you want in a purpose-built book!

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